A fabric originally introduced to the Hawaiian islands by way of British and American sailors in the 1920's. With it's soft hand and durability, the blue and white woven material became the standard uniform for our island's plantation workers. 


Hawaii was soon saturated with the print; boys and girls would wear them to school, to play, to football games, to parties, and the elder generation to house, cocktail and beach parties. 

Tourists visiting Hawai'i took a liking to the iconic bold checkered ensembles and they became a must have piece that many could not leave the islands without.


With the print growing in popularity, other items using the fabric were introduced. By the late 1950's, the surfing culture in Hawai'i was in full swing and nearly every surfer had a pair of Palaka boardshorts in assorted colors.

Original Palaka boardshorts by H. Miura

Original Palaka boardshorts by H. Miura



Today we pay homage to this iconic fabric with our own unique collection of children's Palaka pieces. Sporting coconut buttons and memorable silhouettes, this collection is every bit as nostalgic as it is dear to our hearts. And not to worry, Honu, Keko, and Kohola are along for the ride too!


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