Here at Three Coconuts, we love our community. When we began, I knew I wanted to share that love with a very special family here on Maui. Since the beginning, a portion of each sale has gone to supporting this family through the hardships they and their young son Zachy have had to face. 

The Woodard's are some of our dearest friends and we cherish and love having them in our lives. Their family is a blessing to our entire community and everyone they meet. We cannot thank you enough for choosing Three Coconuts for your little 'coconuts', and contributing to Zachy and the Woodard family. 

Read on to learn the full story.

Words by Ciara Woodard

We were seven months pregnant when an ultrasound revealed that our sweet baby, we had yet to meet, had Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and Myelomeningocele, otherwise known as Spina Bifida. His spinal cord had not completely fused, resulting in a grim, yet unknown diagnosis. Our world started to shake with all the "wait and see's" and questions about how his life would look so different from ours. Our hearts broke for our 2 ½ year old daughter, Mikaela, who was anxiously waiting to show her new brother how to surf and skate like she and dada do.

Zach entered this world at a healthy "full term" weight, with chubby cheeks and dark straight hair. Sweet and content with hardly a cry, a disposition he would carry with him through what seemed like an endless amount of pokes and prods, iv's, external drains, tubes and monitors. A whirlwind swept our family as we adjusted to living on a different island, mainly in the hospital, feeling so out of control of what our normal should be.

Despite chaos and fatigue, we were overwhelmed with the generosity and love from those around us, family, friends and even complete strangers. Every single one of our needs were met. My husband would fly home to find groceries in our fridge and checks in the mail. We had a vehicle on Oahu, and a room at the Ronald McDonald house. We met countless people who were praying for Zachy Boy and began to see that God was doing something bigger than we had ever imagined.

Two months and eight surgeries later, we boarded the plane, home to Maui, and Zachy Boy gave us his first real smile. His little life had already touched so many people at such a young age, we knew we were in for a ride. From his first day of life he began to capture people's hearts. He was welcomed home with countless and continual prayers. Our family is so humbled by the outpouring of love we receive every step of this incredible journey God has given us.

We have been blessed to watch Zach learn and grow at incredible bounds. He will carry on a conversation with anyone, and truly engage whomever his audience may be. He loves to show off his moves with his walker, make you laugh and share his latest happenings with you. Zach has yet to let his physical limits inhibit him. He has a genuine love for people, and joy for life. His tender heart for people teaches us daily. We are inspired to keep on giving of ourselves, sharing our lives, enjoying the moments, and rejoicing in the stories God is writing in all of us.